Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 04:29:21 -0700
From: ihb


When I started to look at what is available, my eyes grew large and I found it hard to limit my picks to just 5 types for my purse, my car and my house. I will list these 5 categories and note where I found my own personal picks. For your own personal choices and you may more or fewer than 5, I suggest the use of your favorite search engine, military surplus catalogs and outdoor/camping stores.

For my purse flash-light, I picked a 2-inch LED with a key ring called "Perfect Companion" ($10-12) from They have several types at a range of prices.

For my car I chose a green Krill lamp, similar to a light stick (5-inch x 1-inch, 3oz), but much more expensive. I will also carry a couple of red and some blue light sticks. My source:

For my car I will also give myself, at Christmas time, the Raylite lighting system with car-lighter accessory. These are very powerful, but not power hungary and can light up a room. My source:

For my house I have picked a headlamp with adjustable head straps from This is mainly because I will almost certainly need full use of my hands.

Finally I have also chosen for my house a twin pack, 100 hour, non-refillable oil lamps for $7.25 from

Well those are my picks, please e-mail me your picks and reasons.

Hope to hear from you,
Best Wishes,

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