New Community Safety Committee

and New Police Substation

by Art Bayce, Chairman

Members of the Board of Directors of the BPA have been meeting on a monthly basis over the past two years with Lt. Sue Mace and other representatives of the Palo Alto Police Department. The results of these meetings have been reported in earlier Newsletters. The BPA Board has now established the Community Safety Committee as an official committee of the BPA. We will continue to work with the PAPD and meet with them on a regular basis. We will cover the concerns and interests of the Barron Park neighborhood. This includes vandalism, traffic violations, thefts and other crimes, and suspicious occurrences. Remember to immediately call 911 for any criminal activity.

This committee will not duplicate, but will cooperate with, the Neighborhood Watch, Traffic and Emergency Preparedness committees of the BPA. We will also work with other neighborhoods on common concerns. The committee will also gather and compile information on Barron Park safety problems. These will be communicated to the Palo Alto Police Department and Barron Park residents.

New Police Substation

On March 21, 1996, the Palo Alto Police Department established the new Ventura Substation for the South Palo Alto area. It is located off Ventura Court in back of the Ventura School site. This location was selected for the convenience of the residents of South Palo Alto. It will be open to the public for two hours a day, five days a week as shown in the following proposed schedule:

Tuesday -- 9-11 AM
Wednesday -- 6-8 PM
Thursday -- 12-2 PM
Friday -- 4-6 PM
Saturday -- 10-12 Noon

During these hours the office will be staffed by citizen volunteers. Four residents of Barron Park are among the first volunteers. The volunteers will have updates on the Police Department, crime prevention information and tips. They will answer questions and report on incidents in the neighborhood. However, it is important to call 911 immediately if a crime is in progress. To report past or suspicious events, call the police department's business number, 329-2413.

The Palo Alto Police Department will distribute announcements regarding the opening of the Ventura Substation.

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