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-- CANOPY --

Trees for Palo Alto

Canopy is a non-profit organization dedicated to planting, preserving, maintaining, and studying the Palo Alto urban forest.

City Council originated a Task Force in 1993 to gain community participation in decisions regarding Palo Alto trees. In August 1996 the Task Force evolved into a separate entity that took the name of Canopy.

Canopy members plant trees, act as stewards of new and existing trees, survey neigh-borhoods to update the City's database, contact residents regarding trees that need to be removed, and trees residents would like to have planted.

They plant new trees between October and March only, but tree removal goes on year 'round.

If you have a street tree you would like Canopy to remove, or would like to become involved in this "sapling" organization, please contact Jean McDonald at (415) 964-6110.

Please see the Spring Faire article by Mardell Ward, and join us for a fun and informative time!

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