1997 Bol Park May Fete


Bol Park Rededication

The May Fete is happening on May 18th this year from 10:00 AM to 4:30PM. This year's event is combined with the Rededication of Bol Park after completion of the creek bypass project.

Schedule of events:

See Schedule Update (May '97)

The Pet Parade is to celebrate all the wonderful animals we have in Barron Park and to especially celebrate our donkeys, Mickey and Perry, who will be featured in their own section of the Pet Parade. The parade will start from Hoover School playground, from Juana Briones School, and from several other locations. The gathering time is 10:00. There will be parade wardens to help organize and time the groups, so that the paraders merge at Bol Park about 10:45.

The Bicycle Parade is to celebrate the reopening of the bicycle path through Barron Park along the historic route of the railroad spur that went from Palo Alto to Los Altos. The parade will start from the parking lot of Gunn High School and come down the new bike path past Mickey's pasture into Bol Park and end at Laguna Avenue. The gathering time is 10:00 and the parade starts at 10:30. There will be parade wardens to help organize.

The Spring Hat contest is for fun. Contestants should come in a wonderful or wacky hat decorated on a floral theme. Contest is about 11:30.

After the Spring Hat contest there will be a Paper Airplane contest, followed by an Origami contest. These will be held near the Face Painting Tent. Face painting as usual.

The Santa Clara Valley Water District will have a tent with a display and interactive/hands on displays. There will be a docent who will work with the kids and adults on some demonstrations. The SCVWD will be giving away some commemerative souveniers. Next door will be the updated Barron Park History Display and next to that a Scribble Wall for young and old to play with.

Lunch is hot dogs, black-bean chile, soft drinks, and ice cream and cookie desserts.

The speakers in the Rededication Ceremony are:

The May Pole Dance is for young and old. As always there is an inner circle for short legs and an outer circle for long legs.

Look for the Posters, Lawn Signs, and flyers in early May for further news. Come join us in celebration of a new Spring in our wonderful Bol Park.

Sponsored jointly by the Barron Park Association, the City of Palo Alto, and the Santa Clara Valley Water District. Major underwriting of event expenses by the SCVWD.

If you have questions or would like to help
call Paul Edwards at 493-2921
or Katie Edwards at 493-8023.

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