Happy Spring!

What beautiful weather we're having, bright, sunny days; clear-as-a-bell skys, and all the trees just popping into bloom all over. Time to shuck off the winter blahs, and get out to get some much needed (and long avoided!!) exercise. while you're out there, give yourself a visual lift = take time to enjoy all our neighbors' gardens where spring bulbs are at their peak, and the whole world seems to be on tip-toe, eager to burst into full color.

For a pleasant goal for your walk, why not go up to Bol Park, to visit Mickey, and his new pasture-mate, Perry. Perry is a frisky young donkey, very friendly and pettable.

Do any of you have some spare time to give to some pre-schoolers? PACCC (Palo Alto Community Child Care) has an on-going need for people to read stories to the children on a regular basis -- say an hour a week. If this appeals to you, give an hour a week. If this appeals to you, give me a call and I'll see that you get connected -- 493-8023.

Well, get out and enjoy this lovely weather -- unless you're allergy-ridden like me -- Achoo!!

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