Community Update

by Will Beckett, President

Despite heavy rains this fall and winter this is the first year I can remember not being concerned about watching the creeks. My interest turned instead toward observation of the new bypass which seems to be doing its job well. We all look forward to revision of the flood maps sometime in the future. Also, we have been carefully watching the progress of re-vegetation of the bike path behind Bol Park.

The Re-Veg. Committee, a sub committee of the BPA Parks committee, will soon begin the process of supplementing park planting. See Reveg. article.

Donations have been coming in to help support Mickey. The effort to stop public feeding of Mickey has, for the most part, been successful but occasionally some well-meaning, but misguided person will come out with a bag of carrots or some other treats and Mickey will be down on the ground, suffering, the next morning. Vet bills have been the major expense so far, so we need to continue to get the word out that it is not good to feed Mickey [nor his new partner, Perry].

Large quantities of Love are OK! Much was done to improve the pasture and make it easier for Mickey to get back to his favorite Oak tree. Next on the list would be a corporate donation for a storage shed, manger, and new fences. If you know someone who might be willing to help with this, please contact me.

Mickey, meet Perry!
(see Long Ears article)

El Camino Real
The El Camino Real is really beginning to show signs of improve-ment. New businesses have been starting up. Remodeling and building is in progress or planned for this spring. I would expect by this time next year most of the eye-sore landmarks of the neighborhood will be gone. Much work is still needed though to dress up what already exists. If there is a specific business you feel can improve with a new face, or just a little paint, please talk to that business and let them know how you feel.

Storm Drains
This summer many of our streets will be under construction as a part of the storm sewer project due to begin this year. At the public meeting held last month by the Public Works Department of the City of Palo Alto, plans for this project were reviewed. Some new pipes will be installed to improve the flow of water to the creeks and some streets will be regraded, adding valley gutters to help move water and reduce ponding. Meeting attendees commented on the most troublesome areas in Barron Park and placed red dots on a map to indicate where ponding was a big problem. Please see Bob Moss' "Storm Drains" article.

We had a better than usual response to our membership campaign this year. We are not sure if this might have been due to the two surveys that were included in the newsletter, or just that communication was better this time. Anyway, thanks to those who joined for '97.

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