Who We Are

The Barron Park Association is a neighborhood organization that includes renters as members. We are not a homeowner's group.

Barron Park is a residential neighborhood within the region in Palo Alto bounded by Page Mill Road, El Camino Real, Arastradero Road and Foothill Expressway.

"Barron Park was born in the booming twenties, as a summer colony for San Franciscans weary of fog and wind," explains Doug Graham, Barron Park Historian. During that period the residential area was created by subdividing the 330 acre Barron Estate, which had been established in the 1850's.

The Barron Park Association itself was formed in 1926 to address issues in the neighborhood. In recent times, Barron Park remained an unincorporated area -- an island completely surrounded by the City of Palo Alto -- until 1975 when the residents voted to be annexed to the city. The neighborhood still retains the charm and unpretentiousness of its rural roots.

The BPA would like to take this opportunity to thank Fred Lakin of the Performing Graphics Company (PGC) for both creating and hosting the BPA Web home page (March 1995 to March 1997), as well as creating and managing the BPA mailing lists (September 1993 to March 1997). These have been valuable resources for the neighborhood. Thanks, Fred!

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Updated on April 22, 2008